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Meet Our Chef

Chef Rashaan Taylor discovered an interest in food while spending time in the kitchen with his family. Cooking is a family tradition and one of their greatest love languages. This tradition brought their loved ones together, embracing one another with laughter, love, and fun. It formed an unbreakable bond. Being born into the world of culinary art gave Chef Taylor a burning desire to pursue his passion for cooking. Chef Taylor’s family history influenced him to demonstrate a great deal of pride in every ingredient. He wants customers to feel the same love, joy, and excitement he and his family experience. A culinary professional’s focus is preparing and presenting food in an appealing way, giving customers an unforgettable gastronomic experience. This passion is reflected in everything Chef Taylor does. It involves far more than skills and technique. He has an immense ability to collaborate on creative ideas in the art of cooking. We look forward to sharing the love in each bite with all of you! 

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